Report On Radio Show

Honorable Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi in his speech delivered on the 70th Independence Day i.e. as on 15th August,2017 has prominently focused and encouraged the youth of the Nation to take our country ahead in all the varied fields in the global race.

His motive now is to engage maximum youth population in the administration and management of the country. Thus on the same grounds All India Radio’s Pune Aakashwaani has taken the initiative to bring the voice of the youth to the common public.They have provided a platform through which the young crowd can share their innovative thoughts with the civilians. And they are now inviting the young voice of the nation to come forth for the same.

Therefore,the young aspirant students of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s,Smt. Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women, Pune were invited to share their thoughts on the contribution which youth can make in developing the country in future.

The show through which they had been given this opportunity was “Yuvawaani”.

Thus,the students representing their esteemed institute were Neha Kulkarni,Mayura Keskar,Mrunmayee Limaye,Vinaya Gokhale and Madhura Shejawalkar respectively.

All of them are currently pursuing their MBA Degree 2nd Year. The topic on which they had a dialogue was “Start-Up India,Stand-Up India”.

It basically was a comprehensive talk on how Start- Up India initiative should be expanded in both rural and urban area of the country. It inculcated various sub topics like Agriculture and its link with industry. If this gap is bridged then how it will benefit the country’s economy. It said that industry people should target the farmers and bring their product into the mainstream. Then how the other family members of these farmers and significantly their wives can help her household in generating a good livelihood through her skills like stiching,making food products like pickles,etc.

The talk also stressed upon the extensive growth of social media and how it can be useful in connecting the businesses. Like one person is a idea generator and other person is financer or a venture capitalist and they can come together through this social media platform. The dialogue further progressed with the role of women as an Entrepreneurship and ,that they can be best women entrepreneurs as they already have inherent managerial skills.

Therefore,this dialogue was firstly recorded and then broadcasted on 30th August,2017

It was indeed a proud moment for the entire institute and the representatives. This show wouldn’t have been possible to be a success without the support and help and guidance of their Respected Director Dr. Jagdish Pol,Its faculty members namely Prof. Archana Tatkar,Prof.Priyanka Potdar and Prof. Manasi Javdekar and also the young student coordinator of the institute Ms .Pranita Bhujbal

Thus, Maharshi Karve  Stree Shikshan Samstha’s, Smt Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women, Pune,has undoubtedly touched upon some of the crucial topics to help lead the nation globally.

  Radio Show  Radio Show