Corporate Trek To ZILLA PARISHAD PRATHAMIK SHALA, WABLEWADI, SHIKRAPUR (On-campus Visit & Interaction)

Under the corporate trek Initiative a Visit to Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala, Wablewadi, Shikrapur was arranged by HNIMR, IT department on 13th October 2014.

The visit comprised of a slide show about the “making” of this unique school and a walk through around the campus. This school has 2 teachers teaching 70 students studying in standards I to V. A unique distinction of being able to impart education to all students through e-learning is the main focus of this visit. The classroom assigned for e-learning is called here as Tab school, which is well equipped with a laptop connected to an LED screen and has tablets for the students. The students are given full authority to use laptop for their sessions and they carry out this task with full responsibility. Moreover, these students use the high-end tablets with ease. The tab school provides knowledge through application based theory pattern wherein various subjects are taught audio-visually. The students get tablets for doing assignments on various subjects like Mathematics, History, Geography, English and Science.

It was impressive to know that every student has passed the mock MS-CIT exam. We found the school campus very well maintained with cleanliness all around and astonishing teaching aids equipped innovatively across the campus. Solar panels were installed that provide uninterrupted power supply for the students, who learn through computers. Wi-Fi connection is available for operating tablets so that students are able to watch videos, images online.    The school has received Padmashree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar award for its commendable achievements in the field of e-learning at the hands of Mr. Bhatkar himself. A brief interaction with the Principal Mr. Dattatraya Warey – Principal of the school was very interesting and motivating who has strives for the school right from the root level. We as well discussed with the students and staff who gave us their feedback and views on use of e-learning as a teaching-learning medium.