Tech Mahindra Ltd Kolkatta Office Visit Report

While we were on our Business Plan Presentation to Carpe Diem 2017 through our college HNIMR, Pune at IIM Kolkata ; visit to Tech Mahindra office in Kolkata was another pleasant surprise for us. On 31st Jan 2017 around 11am for about 3 hours of the afternoon for experience sharing in a truly corporate environment.

On our visit we were addressed by Mr. Sanchayan Bhattacharya, Ms. Manisha Saha, Corporate Services and Ms. Ruma Talukdaar. Inputs like brief history of the company, the process framework, the services provided and various domains in which Tech M operates were given. He also took us the HR policies that are followed in TechM It was indeed a fruitful interactive session. He also, briefed us on Satyam acquisition which happened a while ago. Then he as well made us interact with few Campus recruiting personnels who gave a very vital info about a Freshers approach while campus selection process. We also spoke about internship programs. He gave us important tips that one should follow while being interviewed for Internship versus Campus.

After the informative feast, Ms. Manisha Saha gave us the information about the culture of the city and the where about in the city.

Overall our visit was very knowledgeable, where we not only learnt about Tech M, but also many things that we could carry along with us before we start our Corporate Journey. The students’ team participated for this visit were Yogini Bhagwat, Vaishnavi Bapat, Aishwarya Darvatkar, Mayura Keskar, Dhaneshwari Pendiyala alongwith our Mentors and guide Dr. Mihika Kulkarni and Dr. Rachana Shikhare. This visit was organized under the guidance of our Director Sir Dr.Jagdish Pol.Visit to TechMahindra