Study Tour at Reliance Company, Patalganga plant

On 24th March 2017, HNIMR students were at Reliance, Patalganga plant for a ‘Study Tour’.

During this visit students got opportunity to be on shop floor to observe the industry operations and get first hand information from the experts.

Mr. Prashant Gaikwad & Mr.Sunil Sawant from Learning Center briefed students about emphasis which Reliance gives for health and safety of its workers. They discussed different policies at Reliance related to health and safety of the workers. ‘At Reliance Industries safety of the worker is prime concern of the organisation.’

Mr.Thomas Easo from HR Department had a interactive session with students, briefing them about the HR and welfare policies at Reliance Industries. After the session the students were facinated by the organisation and its concern for its employees.

The interactive session were followed by the round on ‘shop floor’.

Miss.Shweta Kadam co-operation throughout the visit was worth recognising.

Through this visit the students were acquinted with the way Reliance runs its operations and adapt with the HR related practices prevailing at global level. It was indeed a great learning of all the attendees.

Tour Co-ordinators

Prof.Archana Tatkar

Prof.Manasi Javadekar