Report On Dahi-Handi

Dahi-Handi celebration – a cultural event and a tool to develop ‘Team building and Competitive spirit’ is integral part of college life at HNIMR.

This year on 4th September 2018, HNIMR students celebrated Dahi –handi festival in the college campus.  Director of this institute Dr.Jagdish Pol  and staff members were present for the same. After worshiping lord Krishna, a competition was held between MBA junior and seniors for breaking Handi.  Since last year in order to ensure safety of the students, the student council of HNIMR decided to break the handi in an innovative way. A blind folded team leader broke the handi with a stick and other team members were guiding her through instructions. MBA Juniors won the competition. After victory, for celebrations even seniors joined the juniors and had a gala time…

At end the nutritious ‘prasad’ of ‘gopal kala’ was served to all the attendees…

Cultural co-coordinator

Mrs.Geeta Jadhav ,

Mrs.Manasi Javadekar,

Mrs.Archana Tatkar

Mrs.Priyanka Potdar