August 2015 to November 2015 – MBA Par t- II

 July- 2015 ————Interaction——- MBA Sr. College Starts
August- 2015 Orientation (Placement) HR & FB Seniors (MBA Part-II)
August- 2015 Orientation (Placement) Finance Seniors (MBA Part-II)
August- 2015 Orientation (Placement) IT&IBM Seniors (MBA Part-II)
August- 2015 Orientation (Placement) Marketing Seniors (MBA Part-II)
August- 2015 Orientation (Placement) Operations Seniors (MBA Part-II)
August- 2015 Soft Skills- Mock Interviews Session Seniors (MBA Part-II)
September-2015 Soft Skills – Sessions on Role – Play, Simulation Exercises Seniors (MBA Part-II)
September-2015 Interview Techniques – Cognitive and Psychological Behaviors Seniors (MBA Part-II)
September-2015 Communication Skills – Etiquettes. Seniors (MBA Part-II)
September-2015 Group Discussions Training Seniors (MBA Part-II)
September-2015 JOB FAIR-2015 For Seniors
October- March-2015-16 Grooming Sessions (All Year Round) For Juniours
October-2015-March-2016 Campus Placement Starts For Seniors

August 2015 to November 2015 – MBA Part – I

Time: 4.30PM.- 6.00PM – Attendance Compulsory.

1st August 2015 ———– Interaction ——- MBA Jr. College Starts
20-29th August 2015 Orientation and Purpose, Norms- (Placement)  (MBA Part-I)
1st – 15th September 2015 Overview- Communication Skills, English Lang., Strategic/Critical Test, Personality Test, Reading/ Comprehension (MBA Part-I)
1st – 15th October 2015 Psychometric Testing, Employability Test (MBA Part-I)
Second week of November ——————————— Internal Exam Starts


  • Corporate Interface Session relating to Placements (1 hour duration) will be conducted by corporate world for each specialization every month.
  • Online aptitude tests and Employability tests every month for both Years. Attendance Compulsory.
  • CEO/VP Meet twice a year.
  • HR Meet twice a year.