Placement Support Cell – Corprorate Dressing by Ms. Malika Pal

The grooming session was organised under the placement support cell of the Institute .

Ms Malika Pal fashion designer from Renfro Design conducted the session on 22nd August 2014.

Following topics were coverd in the session

1.Different types of personality and body shapes

2.Body tone and complexion

3.Colors that suits different body shapes and body tone/complexion

4.Colors shades that can be used at work place

5.Dos and donts in dressing

6.Western dressing style at work place

7.Accessories that can be used along with dressing

8.Confidence through dressing

9. Right way of shopping

10.Question and Answers

The students enjoyed the session and had intrspection as how they can change their dressing or adapt to new style and yet be comfortable.

Placement Support Cell - Corporate Dressing Session of Ms Malika Pal