Marketing Department Trek to Next Generation Channel

The field trek was arranged for the MBA II year students, Marketing Specialization.

The faculty who were part of field visit were – Prof. Pallavi Kasande, Prof. Joyti Gaikwad, Prof.Nivedita Pantawane, and Dr. Kamalakar munde.

Students observed following activities.

1. Satellite launch and Control Room

The visit was about the study of how the channel works. Initially they showed the Digital head-end, the control room, where all the servers are placed of various channel, the room was full of electrical wires a servers. The temperature of the room was 20-22 degree. The room consist of channel decoders and channel encoders. The satellite gives signal to decoders and they decode the channels and then the decoders help encoders to encode the channel and show to the customers with the help of setup box. There are different satellite to receive signals from the respective channels. For digital signals decoding and encoding is necessary.

The servers saves the data of all customers. Signal is received from cables that are also called splitters. Earlier there were analog signals which means local cable tv channels, now there are digital signals.

The input comes from all the switches through fiber optic cables in fiber rack. There are 250 channels in next generation network.

The material they use are some imported and some are indian. They have some HD channels which have different setup boxes for it.

All type of digital services have same setup for encoding and decoding.

2. News collection and Editing – After this they took us to the studio of their office where they shoot the daily news. They explained us how they shoot in the camera , edit and telecast. They told us about the croma software, i.e. the wallpaper adjustment technology where background scenes are managed as per the occasions and events.

How news are telecast – Continuous uploading of data is done one one machine, where time for the news item is monitored. Simultaneously on another machine the subtitles are created and at the time of telecast editor telecast news video and subtitles at the same time.

3. The production house – At the time of visit the production house was not having any assignment, however they assured the students that they will involve students whenever there is any ad assignment.

4. Experience sharing with the owner of Next Generation Baba Sheikh

Baba Sheikh, the owner of the business, very enthusiastically explained his journey from a electrician to owner of a TV channel. Without having any formal degree he has stepped up the ladder of success in this media world. It was only and only his hard work and vision.

The visit was very knowledge and innovative. They responded very positively to our queries and they are also showed readiness for giving live projects to marketing students.

Marketing Department, Students and Faculty Members in Next Generation Office