Dahi Handi – 2013

Dahi Handi’ event was organized in the Institute on 29th Aug 2013. Around 200 students from MBA 1st year and MBA 2nd year participated in the event.

We arranged ‘Rangoli competition’ to encourage creativity of students. The theme was ‘Janmashtami’. Students innovatively made the beautiful ‘Rangolis’. In this tough competition ‘Preeti Patil’ from 1st year batch was winner.

For Dahi Handi competition, both MBA Juniors and Seniors formed their groups.

There were 2 handi’s, both the group got opportunity to break the handi. MBA 2nd year students won the competition by breaking the handi in 41 seconds.

Students reported that they learnt how to build a strong team & design a strategy to accomplish the task.

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