Dahi Handi 2012

On 9th August, 2012, within the campus of HNIMR “DAHI HANDI” was celebrated with the excitement and joy. The celebration was attended by the Director, Dr. Bharati Dole, faculty members, MBA seniors and juniors.

First year MBA students were asked to prepare Dahi handi posters for the competition. The poster making groups were asked to explain their ideas and concepts behind those posters .The winners in the 1st place were from div D led by ‘Vidula Ingale’ and group and in the second place was Ketki joshi and group from div B.

There was a Dahi handi pyramid formation competition amongst the senior and junior students. The seniors defeated the juniors by a mere 10 seconds gap. Students participated enthusiastically. Later, all the students danced to the tunes of the latest songs and the Dahi handi event came to a very happy and successful end.

Faculty coordinators:
Prof. Prasad Bhagwat
Prof. Arpita Singh
Prof. Manasi Javadekar

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