1. Name of Cell: Sports Cell

2. Introduction:
Mission of the Sports Cell is to encourage students to participate in different sports competitions.

3. Objectives of the cell are as follows:

  • To help students to improve their physical fitness and mental strength.
  • To develop sportsman spirit.
  • To inculcate achievers’ attitude through competitive spirit.
  • To give them practical exposure application of management concepts such as planning, coordinating, control, direction, motivation etc.

4. Events:
Students had participate in various games in the following sports tournaments during the academic year 2014:

  • Intercollegiate sports tournament of University of Pune
  • Intra collegiate sports tournament – HNIMR
  • MKSSS’s intercollegiate sports tournament “Damini”
  • ISBM’s intercollegiate sports tournament “Runbhoomi”
  • PUMBA’s intercollegiate sports tournament “Dhruv”
  • HNIMR’s intercollegiate sports tournament “Ground Zero”

Following are the major achievements:

  • Ms Ujjawala Matale won the ‘Best Player’ trophy in “Damini” sports tournament.
  • Ms Aarti Naik won the Gold Medal in ‘Power Point Presentation’ in “Damini” sports tournament.
  • Ms Nikita Joshi won the Winner Trophy in ‘Table Tennis’ in “Dhruv” sports tournament.
  • Ms Nikita Joshi and Snehal Funde won the Runner-up Trophy in ‘Carrom’ in “Ground Zero” sports tournament.

5. Team Members:

  • Prof. Archana Tatkar
  • Prof. Prashant Mamarde
  • Ms Vijayata Bhatiya
  • Ms Ujjawala Matale
  • Ms. Ankita Belekar