Team Building and Competitive spirit through Dahi-handi.

Dahi –handi competition was organized on 18/8/14 at 3.30 P. M. in campus of HNIMRW. Director of this institute Dr. Jagdish Pol and faculty members were present for the same. This competition was held between Jr. and Sr. MBA students of this institute. Sr. MBA students won this competition. From this programme students learnt the importance of team building and competitive spirit through this competition. On this occasion poster making competition was also organized. Sarswati Patkar and Nupur Adkar was the winner for this competition.



FDP on Innovative teaching

The changes that happen at global level and at professional level  invites the change in education system. Mr Arvind Chinchure who is associated with various famous prestigious institution guided the faculty in having innovative teaching and learning methods . he explained through philosophical quotes  like DOING WELL AND DOING GOOD rather DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD.

The programme intended in creating scope for teaching which foster independent thinking ,creativity with more experiential and research based activities .

Dr.Pol addressing Faculty members, Dr. Arvind Chinchure graced the occassion

FDP on Innovative Teaching

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was organised on 10th July 2014 under the able guidance of Ms Vandana from the prestigious Mindspa .

The programme dealt with innovative teaching methods that can be used to improvise teaching learning. The thought provoking activities conducted by the trainer through making posters and presentationwith the theme based approach were quite useful. she made use of exercises that were retrospective and output oriented.faculty Members found the activities exciting and fun at the same time.

Dr. Pol felicitating Ms. Vandana

FDP on Modelling in Excel

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Modelling in Excel was conducted on 16th July 2014

By Mr Hemant Thakkar.The programme aimed at developing the skills-set in students that are required in corporate world.

Mr Hemant thakkar explained about various modelling techniques which integrates various discipline of management like finance ,HR,and Marketing to make work more easier and smarter.

Mr. Hemant Thakar addressing Faculty members


FDP on Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) “Bridging the gap between academia and industry was organized on 30th July 2014.

The eminent personality from ISTD Vice President Mr S.J Amalan,Director  S.C Bahuguna,President Mr. Y.K Upadhyay,Ex Chairman Mr. S.C Shukla were present for the program.Mr Amalan V.P discussed in length about the tools for building confidence in students.The integration of Academia and Industry as a journey together with each contributing in own way to strengthen the education system as a strong belief was put forth by him.

The importance of training programme was emphasized upon for developing necessary skill-set.

HNIMR Faculty Members with ISTD Team