Brain Triggers – Quiz Competition 2013

The Cocurricular Cell initiated with a Quiz Competition for MBA Srs. on 24th Aug. 2013. The Quiz Competition was  conducted in three Rounds. Round I – Objectives related to the respective specialization. 18 highest scorer students were selected, grouped into 6 groups of 3 team members each who moved to Round II. Round II was an extempore Round where in, extempore on concepts related to Sem I and Sem II were dealt with. The students were judged on the Conceptual Clarity, Creativity and Spontaneity. The top 3 teams then moved to Round III. Round III was a Rapid Fire Round based on General Knowledge. The finalists – Amruta KAdam (Fin.), Sonam Khandre (Fin.) and Shruti Lunkad (Mktg.) were awarded a set of books named “Word Power Made Easy” and “Kartya Karvitya”. The runners were awarded the Participation Certificate.


Brain Triggers – Quiz Competition 2013

Round II: List of Shortlisted Students

Sr. No. Roll No. Names Scores Specialisation
1 2k121043 Manasee  Deshpande 44 Finance
2 2k121065 Devyani Raste 42 Finance
3 2k12kk05 Amruta Kadam 40 Finance
4 2k121049 Rishika Gurung 38 Finance
5 2k121037 Ishita Bhale 38 Finance
6 2k121076 Neha Tanksale 36 Finance
7 2k121139 Rashmi Tare 36 HR
8 2k12kk21 Divya Raizada 36 Finance
9 2k121045 Shilpa Ghube 35 Finance
10 2k121188 Sneha Tak 35 Finance
11 2k121007 Rucha Deshpande 34 IBM
12 2k121180 Varsha Saykar 34 Systems
13 2k121113 Swati Lohana 34 Finance
14 2k121135 Varsha Shrivastave 34 Finance
15 2k121057 Sanika Lahane 33 Finance
16 2k121170 Shruti Lunkad 33 Marketing
17 2k121109 Sonam Khandre 31 Finance
18 2k121038 Pallavi Bhandarkar 31 HR

Winner of Brain Triggers – Quiz Competition 2013

Round III: List of Students for Final Round

Team Roll No. Names Specialisation Scores
B 2k121038 Pallavi Bhandarkar HR 12
2k121007 Rucha Deshpande IBM
2k121049 Rishika Gurung Finance
C 2k12kk05 Amruta Kadam Finance 13
2k121109 Sonam Khandre Finance
2k121170 Shruti Lunkad Marketing
E 2k121043 Manasee  Deshpande Finance 15
2k121045 Shilpa Ghube Finance
2k121057 Sanika Lahane Finance

Following is the list of the Faculty Coordinators and the students volunteers;
Faculty Members:
1. Prof. Sonali Parchure
2. Prof. Suvarna V. Dhamdhere
3. Prof. Arpita Singh
4. Dr. Ashok Pawar
5. Prof. Pradeep Thite

Student Volunteers:
1. Raveena Bajaj (Div. A)
2. Shreya Banarjee (Div. A)
3. Aarti Naik (Div. B)
4. Akanksha Jain (Div. B)

Orientation Programme for MBA First Year students – 2013

Orientation Programme for MBA First Year Students - 2013

HNIMR has successfully conducted orientation programme for MBA Jr. Students on 25th July 2013 with warm welcome given by GS Afreena and VIdula. Students’ parents were also present for the orientation programme. Dr. Bharati Dole, Director-HNIMR explained the background of Samstha and significance of new MBA syllabus. She also briefed students on expectations of industry from MBA students and urged students to prepare themselves. Dr. Mukund Tapkir, HOD-Research Centre, HNIMR informed students about ongoing mentoring activity in the institute and its importance in addressing students’ academic issues through their respective mentors.

The inaugural session was followed by the thought provoking speech given by Mr. Chakor Gandhi, Entrepreneur emphasizing the role of management education in the overall development of future managers. The day was ended with different games conducted by seniors for their juniors. This session was helped new students to open up and getting relaxation.

On the second day, 26th July 2013 Prof. Sonali Parchure briefed students about the structure of new MBA syllabus. She also threw light on expectations from students in the implementation of the syllabus. A panel discussion on industry-academic interface aiming at finding out opportunities for employability was organized with industry experts namely Mr. Abhijit Ganguly, Entrepreneur, Ms. Pooja Bal-Management Consultant at IBM India and Ms. Rupali Bawiskar, Head-Training for Maharashtra at Kotak Life Insurance. Industry experts emphasized that for achieving success in the corporate world right attitude of students is necessary. They also pointed out that students should be equipped with multiskills, desire for learning and positive restlessness for self improvement. This panel discussion was conducted by Dr. Atul Deshpande.

Afternoon session was enriched by presence of Alumnae of HNIMR for informal discussion with new students .They emphasized on the necessity of right attitude and time management. Students enjoyed this session .Third day of Orientation ended with spiritual thoughts shared by Sushrut Roy research Head of Infosys Company. So this year Orientation was a feast of academic, spiritual and inspiration for students. The orientation event was coordinated by MBA Jr. coordinators Prof. Geeta Jadhav , Prof. Ganesh Lotke and other HNIMR faculty members.

Oreintation Programme - 2013